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The census recorded a total population of 29,750 in this county back in 2010 and the county seat is also named Pine City. The first formation of the county happened in 1856 and it was finally organized in 1872. The county’s has a total area of 1,435 square miles and there is a county office that is responsible for keeping all of the citizens safe and protected. The county office appoints several departments to maintain peace and order and these are attorney, Sheriff, Probation, court administration, and jail.

About the Sheriff’s office

The office is located at 635 Northridge Dr. NW, Suite 100 Pine City, MN 55063

Phone: 320-629-8380

Tip line: 320-629-8342

The office of the Sheriff delivers public services to its residents and visitors. The county features residential, agricultural, business, and recreational properties.

They have a Sheriff’s patrol activity, which citizens have access to their activities. You can also report a crime by going on their website.

Court administration

The address is Pine County Courthouse 635 Northridge Drive NW Suite 320 Pine City, MN 55063

Phone number: 320-591-1500

Pine County Court is part of the 10th Judicial Court and you can e-mail them at

The chief judge is Honorable Douglas B. Meslow

You can pay fines by going online or calling them at 1-800-657-3611 or if you are in the Metro Area, dial 651-281-3219. You can also pay by mail, but do not put cash. Send a check or money order payable to “District Court Administration.”

County jail

Suite 130, 35 Northridge Drive NW Pine City, MN 55063

Phone number: 320-629-8400

County Jail Information URL:

To visit an inmate, they have visitation schedules, but you first have to give the county jail your name and recent photo so you can be accommodated and be given permission to visit someone in jail.

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Pine County Sheriff Address
650 3rd Ave SW Pine City, MN  55063


Phone:(612) 629-3930