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It is a county that had a total population of 20,866 in 2010 based on the census. The county seat is named Preston. The county first started in 1853 and named after Millard Fillmore, who was the 13th president of the USA. The County’s total area is 862 square miles and only 0.8 square miles is water.

The County Sheriff’s Office are divided into departments to deliver a more effective protection against crime. The departments that contribute to crime protection are attorney, district court, probation, emergency department, and the County jail.

About the Sheriff’s Department

The County Sheriff is Thomas Kaase and if you need to contact him, dial 507-765-3874

Office address: 901 Houston Street NW Preston, MN 55965

The Sheriff’s department is responsible for permit regulations of firearms, jail, prison transport, patrol, and civil process.

The District Court

The administrator is James D. Attwood and can be reached by calling 507-765-3356 and the fax number is 507-765-4571.

His office address is 101 Fillmore Street, P.O. Box 436 Preston MN, 55965

The court handles original jurisdiction that belongs to civil, probate, family, criminal, juvenile, and traffic cases that are being filed in the County.

County jail

The jail administrator is Jamie Fenske and the jail address is 901 Houston Street NW Preston, MN 55965

Phone number: 507-765-3874

If you need to report an incident, call the Victim Services Center of Dodge, Fillmore and Olmsted Counties by dialing 507-765-2805 or 507-289-0636, which is their 24/7 hotline.


If you possess a warrant for your arrest, you can make an assessment of the warrant on the web site or contact the court. Make sure you have the full name, date of birth, and jail ID number so the process becomes faster. In case of an emergency, call 911 anytime.

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Fillmore County Sheriff Address
901 Houston St. Preston, MN 55965


Phone: 507-765-3874