Trial Starts for Group Accused of Aiding Suicide of a Minnesota Woman

May 14, 2015

The trial against the right-to-die group called Final Exit Network starts  for the accusation of helping a Minnesota woman kill herself back in 2007 after 10 years of suffering from chronic pain.

In 2012, Attorney James Backstrom announced a grand jury’s decision of filing an indictment against four members of the Final Exit Network because of the suicide of 57-year old Doreen Dunn, who was said to have been suffering from chronic pain for over 10 years due to a poorly done medical procedure.

According to the court records, there wasn’t an indication that a suicide attempt happened in the home of Dunn and that the death was taken as something natural. Meanwhile, the records of the Final Exit Network showed that Dunn had signed up as a member of the group on that same year. Two members of the right-to-die group namely Jerry Dincin and Dr. Larry Egbert, traveled to the state of Minnesota the same day that Dunn died and her death was found in the records of the Final Exit Network.

The prosecutors suspect that Dincin and Egbert were the ‘exit guides’ of Doreen Dunn and that they disposed of the materials that were used in taking her own life.

The ‘exit guides’ were charged of helping Dunn end her life and were charged of other counts as well. Roberta Massey from Delaware, 69 years old, was also chaithrged together with Ted Goodwin from Florida, 68 years old, who was the former president of the Final Exit Network.

The charges filed against Goodwin were dismissed by the court and Dincin’s as well as he already died in 2013. Meanwhile, the case filed against Massey was put on hold at the moment because she is in a frail health while the case against Egbert was separated since the prosecutors granted him immunity and he will later on be called as a witness against the Final Exit Network.

If convicted, the right-to-die group will be facing a fine of up to $33,000 according to defense attorney Robert Rivas.

The prosecutors of Dakota County didn’t give any comment.