Douglas County MN Criminal and Court

Lookup Public Records on Anyone in Douglas County, MN. Results Include: Court Records, Legal Documents, Birth and Death Certificates, Property Ownership, Vital Statistics, Military Discharges, Federal Judgements, Federal/State tax liens.

Douglas County is located in the state of Minnesota; the county was established in 1858, organized in 1866 and named after Stephen Douglas of Illinois. Alexandria is the largest city in the county and also the county seat. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the county has a population of 36,009 people and a total area of 720 square miles, of which 83 square miles (11%) is water and 637 square miles (1,650 km2) is land.

The county auditor/treasurer’s office consists of an elected Auditor/Treasurer, an Assistant Auditor/Treasurer, an Election’s Administrator and six other deputies. The office works closely with the Douglas County Hospital, Pope-Douglas Solid Waste Management, the County Board of Commissioners, Sauk River Watershed, the Secretary of State, townships, cities, school districts, the Office of the State Auditor and other county departments. The county auditor is the county’s chief financial officer, which makes the office responsible for Property Tax Administration and supervision of elections. By statute, the auditor is a member of the county canvassing committee, the county board of equalization and sits on the budget committee, construction committee, and various other committees. Some of the functions of the auditor’s office include: Elections and Voter Registration, Property Taxes and Special Assessments, Tax Forfeited Land, Cash Management, County Budgets, Payroll and Annual Financial Statement and Licenses.

The county has a recorder’s office which is responsible for recording all real estate and personal property (UCC) documents. The office of the recorder is responsible for vital statistics such as birth certificates on a statewide computer system. Other responsibilities include notary commission registration, military discharges, passports, marriage licenses, death certificates and ordinations.

To check for the public records that you are lookup up you can utilizes the search form and enter a name. For the records that are not available, you can access them by visiting the recorder’s office in person in Douglas County. However, instead of visiting the recorder’s office you can call 320-762-3877 for any enquiries regarding public records.

Below is the physical address of the recorder’s office:

305 8th Ave W
Alexandria, MN 56308