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Cook County Minnesota Public Records

Cook County is located in the state of Minnesota; the county was formed in March 9, 1874 and named after Michael Cook, Territorial and State Senator. Grand Marais is the largest city in the county and also the county seat. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the county has a population of approximately 5,176 people and a total area of 3,340 square miles (8,700 km2), of which 1,887 square miles (4,890 km2) (57%) is water and 1,452 square miles (3,760 km2) is land. This makes it the fifth-least populous county in Minnesota and the second-largest county in Minnesota by total area.

Cook County is in the extreme northeast of the state at the tip of the Arrowhead region and borders the following counties: Rainy River District, Ontario Canada to the northwest, Thunder Bay District, Ontario Canada to the northeast/EST Border east of the 90th meridian west, Lake County, Minnesota to the west, Ashland County, Wisconsin to the south, Keweenaw County, Michigan to the east/EST Border and Ontonagon County, Michigan to the southeast/EST Border. The county only has two major highways: Minnesota State Highway 61 and Cook County Road 12 – Gunflint Trail.

Braidy Powers is the County Auditor; he is helped in his duties by Aimee Luick the chief Deputy Auditor. The auditor is an elected public official; he acts as the Property Tax Administrator, Election Supervisor and the Chief Financial Officer for the County. The responsibilities of the office include: Financial Administration, Cash Management, Property Tax Administration, Election Administration and Property Conveyances.

To access public records, you can visit Records Search. If you do not find the records you are looking for you can visit the auditor’s office in person for more assistance. Alternatively, you can call the auditor’s office through (218)387-3640.

Below is the physical address of the auditor’s office:

Cook County Courthouse
411 W. 2nd Street
Grand Marais, MN  55604

Opening hours:

Mon- Fri