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This county had a total population of 124,700 as recorded by the census in 2010 and the county seat is called Buffalo. The county was first founded in 1855 and it is part of the Minneapolis-St. Paul Bloomington, MN-WI Metropolitan Statistical Area. The county was first established in 1855 and named after Silas Wright. The total area of the county is 714 miles and there are departments in the county office doing their duty in keeping everyone safe, including the visitors. These departments are court administration, Sheriff, surveyor, and court services.

Sheriff’s office

It is Sheriff Joe Hagerty who is the head of this department and the address is 3800 Braddock Avenue, NE Buffalo, MN 55313

The e-mail address is

The Sheriff’s office is committed to meeting the challenge by giving quality law enforcement services that are cost effective. The organization is responsible for providing integrity, caring, fairness, professionalism, and integrity to the people they are serving.

Court administration

The administrator is Monica Tschumper and the phone number of her office is 763-682-7539

Office address: 10 NW 2nd Street Room C201 Buffalo, MN 55313

This department is responsible for the case management in court cases that are processed in the county. It includes civil, criminal, family, juvenile, probate, traffic, and conciliation courts. Aside from that, this department gathers all fees in the court and fines. This is also where court appearances are scheduled, court records maintenance, and jury qualification and selection.

County jail

3800 Braddock Avenue, NE Buffalo, MN 55313

Phone number is 763-682-1162

The inmates should write down the names of the visitors in the log and you need to give them your valid photo so you will be given rights. This is going to make you an authorized visitor and you will be allowed to visit by schedule.  

Visitation hours are Monday to Friday 9 am to 11 am and 1 pm to 2:30 pm, Tuesday 6 pm to 8 pm, and Saturday 9 am to 11:30 am

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Wright County Sheriff Address
10 NW 2nd St. Buffalo, MN 55313


Phone:(763) 682-7622

Wright County Sheriff's Office

The Wright County Sheriff’s Office is the 3rd largest sheriff’s office in Minnesota. We provide law enforcement services to the unincorporated areas of the county and additionally contract police services with 13 cities. There are eleven divisions within the sheriff’s office: Administration, Bailiff, Civil Process, Communications, Community Services, Corrections, Criminal Investigations, Patrol, Recreational Enforcement, Special Investigation’s Unit (Narcotics), and Warrants/Transports.
Wright County Sheriff's Office
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911 Outage Monticello Area

Century Link notified the Wright County Sheriff’s Office, they are experiencing an intermittent outage of 911 services in the Monticello area. This outage impacts only Land-line phones, cellular phones should continue to work. We encourage the public to use cellular phones or call 763-682-1162 or 763-682-7600 for 911 services.

Updates will be posted as they become available.

UPDATE: 3:41 p.m. 911 service has been restored
Wright County Sheriff's Office
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Wright County Sheriff Activity Report for period ending December 11, 2017
Wright County Sheriff's Office
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Wright County is accepting applications for a Communications 911/PSAP Manager. The posting is open until December 18th. Please click on the link for additional details.
Wright County Sheriff's Office
Wright County Sheriff's Office5 days ago
Text-To-911 Now Available In Minnesota Statewide

In an emergency, dialing 911 is a call for help. But people with hearing loss or those who must remain quiet in a dangerous situation aren’t able to place a call safely or at all. That’s why the Department of Public Safety Emergency Communication Networks (DPS-ECN) has worked with stakeholders around Minnesota to develop Text-to-911 on Minnesota’s Next Generation 911 (NG911) network. DPS-ECN announced on Tuesday, December 5th, that Minnesotans are now able to use the service throughout the state.

If there is an emergency and you cannot call 911, take these steps:

1. Enter the numbers 911 in the "To" field.
2. Text your exact address and type of emergency.
3. Send the message.
4. Use simple words, but do not include abbreviations, emoji’s, pictures or slang.
5. Promptly answer questions and follow instructions.

“The physical act of texting 911 is not that difficult, but it’s important that people follow these steps and provide us with the most accurate information,” said Darlene Pankonie, Chair of the NG911 Committee. “If there’s a delay in answering a dispatcher’s questions, or if you don’t tell us where you are, we can’t help you. This will lead to valuable time lost in an emergency and take dispatchers away from other calls.”

Best Practices and Challenges
Text-to-911 comes with challenges. For instance, emergency response may be lengthened due to the time it takes for a text to 911 to be typed and sent. Delivery of texts and speed of delivery are also not guaranteed. Here are several reminders to ensure the best service and response from dispatchers.
• Dispatchers prefer calls so they can get cues from background noise and voice inflections. If you text 911, dispatchers will ask if they can call you.
• Location is not as accurate with texting as it is with a call. Be sure to text your exact address.
• A text or data plan is required to use Text-to-911.
• Texts to 911 will get a bounce back message if you are roaming.
• Texts to 911 have a 160 character limit, can get out of order, or may not be received.
• There is no language translation service for texts to 911.
• Do not text and drive!
The new service should only be used in emergencies. Texting 911 with a false report is a crime. If you accidentally send a text to 911, send another text, or call 911 to let the dispatcher know that there is no emergency.
Remember: Call if you can, text if you can’t.
Wright County Sheriff's Office
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Wright County Sheriff Activity Report for period ending December 4, 2017
Wright County Sheriff's Office
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Ice Safety

The Wright County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public’s assistance in staying off of area frozen lakes, streams, ponds and other bodies of water until ice conditions improve. Adventuring onto thin ice not only places your life in danger but that of First Responders called to assist if/when someone breaks through the ice.

The Wright County Sheriff’s Office along with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources wants to remind the public to use caution around frozen lakes, streams, ponds and other bodies of water.

Tragically every year in Minnesota someone will lose their life due to falling through thin ice that they thought was safe. The Sheriff’s Office warns that ice is never 100% safe. Ice seldom freezes uniformly and can go from being a foot thick in one location and then only an inch or two thick a few feet away.

The DNR recommends the following ice thickness when utilizing frozen waterways:
• 2" or less - STAY OFF
• 4" - Ice fishing or other activities on foot
• 5" - Snowmobile or ATV
• 8" - 12" - Car or small pickup
• 12" - 15" - Medium truck
For more information on Ice Safety visit the Minnesota DNR link:

Ice safety: General Ice Thickness Guidelines: Minnesota DNR

How thick should ice be to walk, snowmobile or drive on? Check out these recommended ice thickness guidelines.