St. Louis County

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The county population in 2010 was 200,226 based on the records given by the census. The county seat is Duluth. It is the largest in terms of total area in Minnesota and the largest in the US east of Mississippi River. The county was named after Saint Louis River and was founded in 1855. The county is handling departments in their office that are sure to provide service and protection against crime. These departments are attorney, sheriff, safety and risk management, administration, and public health.

Sheriff’s office

The name of the Sheriff is Ross Litman and his contact number is 218-726-2340

Office address: 2030 N. Arlington Avenue Duluth, MN 55811

You can send an e-mail to the Sheriff’s office at

The Sheriff’s office has 9 agencies, and a staff of 260 who work in different agencies or divisions. The aim of the Sheriff’s office is to work in partnership with other county departments, communities, and governmental units to improve its quality and cost of public safety.

Court administration

The administrator is Amy Turnquist and the contact number of her office is 218-726-2460

Office address: 100 North 5th Avenue West Duluth, MN 55802-1285

It is part of the 6th Judicial District and the Chief Judge is Honorable Sally L. Tarnowski and if you have to pay a fine for a ticket, call 1-800-657-3611 or 651-281-3219 if you are in the metro. You can also do this online or by sending it to the given address.

County jail

4334 Haines Road Duluth, MN 55811

Phone number: 218-726-2345

Jail Roster Online:

You only need the name of the inmate, date of birth, and ID for you to search for them successfully. You can visit an inmate, but you first have to provide your full name and photo so the jail can schedule you.

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St. Louis County Sheriff Address
500 N. 5th Ave. Duluth, MN  55802


Phone:(218) 726-2340

St Louis County Rescue Squad

Duluth Office: 5735 Old Miller Trunk Hwy, Duluth, MN 55811 Virginia Office: 7827 Hwy 135, Virginia, MN 55792 Phone: (Duluth) 218.625.3961 Phone: (Virginia) 218.471.7850
St Louis County Rescue Squad
St Louis County Rescue Squad23 hours ago
(Left to right) Jarrid (Intel), Jake (Mapping), and Kristian (Comms) track teams in the woods inside CP-602 during the successful search and rescue of an 83 year old gentleman who went missing this evening south of Vermilion's Larson Bay in Beatty Township. Squadmembers from both offices were gathered for our monthly business meeting (where we fight and spend money) in Virginia, so we had a very large, well-equipped turnout. Seventy-five minutes from page-out to find. This was a good day!
St Louis County Rescue Squad
St Louis County Rescue Squad2 days ago
Some of our members spent the weekend training with the SAR folks in Vilas and Oneida counties in northeastern Wisconsin. The event culminated in a mock search for a simulated missing bowhunter. These groups bring an impressive array of knowledge and skill to the table, and clearly, Vilas and Oneida "got it goin' on." If we ever got lost in their territory, a topnotch SAR infrastructure would come to our rescue.
St Louis County Rescue Squad
St Louis County Rescue Squad3 days ago
Ted happily guards his "reward Kong" after a successful training find.
St Louis County Rescue Squad
St Louis County Rescue Squad6 days ago
The Meeting After the Meeting often features a round or two of Combat Cribbage. For you fans of the game, we had a Pizza Table first: A 28 hand. Polling the folks present, that's only the second one anybody had ever seen.
St Louis County Rescue Squad
St Louis County Rescue Squad1 week ago
A barred owl watches us carefully from a cleft in the rock while training in the Soudan Mine.
St Louis County Rescue Squad
St Louis County Rescue Squad1 week ago
From the same hover point as our photo of two nights ago, Justin turned the camera straight down to see our training location...the West Tower Pit at the Soudan Mine. You can barely make out our bright yellow guy-lines for the Vortex at the bottom of the photo.