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The population of the county back in 2010 was 15,629 based on what was listed by the census and the county seat is also Roseau. The county was founded in 1894 and the total area is 1,678 square miles. The county is home to one of the Chippewa Sioux and Mandan Tribes. The county office have appointed people that handle departments to give a better form of protection for its citizens. These departments are attorney, court administrator, emergency department, social services and Sheriff.

The County sheriff

The name of the Sheriff is Steve Gust and you can contact his office by calling 218-463-1421. The address of his office is 604 5th Avenue SW Roseau, Minnesota 56751.

Their aim is to recognize that the police service they provide has to be responsive to the needs of the community and the main purpose of the organization is to properly guard life. They also want people to know that they are responsible for their actions and accountable to the citizens.

Court Administration

The administrator is Teresa McDonnell and the office phone number is 218-463-2541

The office is located at 606 5th Avenue SW, Room 20 Roseau Minnesota 56751

The operation of this court is under the Minnesota Judicial Branch, which is the 3rd Branch of State Government. They maintain case records, manage juries, monitor files, collect fines and fees, keep records, help court with customers, and prepare court orders like warrants, subpoenas, execution writs, and writs restitution.

County Jail

604 5th Avenue SW Roseau, MN 56751

Phone number: 218-463-1421

You can find an inmate by giving their full name, birth date, and ID number to the jail over the phone, online or personally. You can also send mail to an inmate by using the address given above because it has to go through the US Postal Service.

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Roseau County Sheriff Address
108 3rd Ave. SW Roseau, MN  56751


Phone:(218) 463-1421