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According to what the census of 2010 recorded, there were 8,725 citizens in Murray County and the county is Slayton. The county was first established in 1857 and got finally organized in 1872. The county’s total area is 720 square miles and there are departments in the county’s office that are very attentive in keeping everyone safe so they may live in peace and harmony in the county. These responsible departments are court administration, licensing, sheriff’s office, highway department, and human services.

County Sheriff Department

The appointed Sheriff is Steve Telkamp and the number of his office is 507-836-6168. The address of his office is Murray County Courts Building P.O. Box 57 2558 29th Street Slayton, MN 56172

Visit the Sheriff’s Office Website:

Services available in the Sheriff’s office are personal firearms record, burn permits, gun locks, permits to purchase firearms, permits to carry, gun locks, and consumer affairs. The Sheriff’s office is also responsible for the Law Enforcement Center which you may call by dialing 507-836-6168.

Court administration

County Court Administrator is Sonja Kruger

You can contact her office by dialing 507-836-1125

Office address: Murray County Courts Building P.O. Box 57 2848 Broadway Avenue Slayton, MN 56172

The Murray County Court is part of the 5th judicial district court. The district court judge is Honorable Christina M. Wietzema.

The court handles civil, family, traffic, criminal, juvenile and juvenile traffic hearings.

You can pay fines by calling the MN Court Payment Center at 1-800-657-3611 or you can also go to their website.

County jail

2500 28th Street Slayton, MN 56172

Phone number: 507-836-6168

If you need to send mail to an inmate, just send it to the given address. If you want to be allowed to visit an inmate, submit your name and valid photo to the county jail so you can be scheduled.

Murray County Sheriff Address
2958-29th St. Slayton, MN  56172


Phone:(507) 836-6168

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WILLMAR, Minn. – (8:18 am) The Minnesota Department of Transportation advises motorists to slow down and watch for icy conditions, including black ice, caused by rain and freezing temperatures.
Black ice creates the appearance of a wet surface, but it is actually a thin, clear layer of ice on roads and bridges. Black ice forms when melting snow refreezes or when rain, drizzle, mist or fog freezes. It is most common at night and early morning when it is dark and temperatures are lowest.
Black ice often forms in tunnels and other shaded areas, on overpasses and bridges, and near lakes and rivers. The hazard can also form when snow temporarily melts from auto exhaust emissions or tire heat and from moisture vapors given off by industries located close to the highway.
Motorists should remember to:
• Slow down on bridges, overpasses and tunnels and on all roads in the early morning when the air temperature rises faster than the pavement temperature.
• Use a safe speed for winter driving conditions, regardless of the posted speed limit.
• Keep a safe stopping distance from the vehicle in front of them.
• Keep both hands on the steering wheel and eyes on the road, and stay alert.
For additional tips on safe winter driving, go to
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