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Morrison County

The county had a population of 33,198 based on what the 2010 census gathered. The county is called Little Falls. The total area of Morrison County is 1,153 square miles. The county office is responsible for the safety and protection of the citizens living in the area it covers. This is why they are handling several departments that do their part in making sure that crime remains low in the county. These departments are attorney, court administration, community corrections, sheriff, and administration.

What the sheriff’s office does

The sheriff’s name is Shawn Larsen and you can call his office by dialing 320-632-9233 or you can send an e-mail to

The address of his office is 213 1st Avenue SE Little Falls, MN 56345

The sheriff’s office is responsible for criminal investigation, law enforcement services, emergency management, patrol, and other services that provide safety and protection to citizens of the county. one of this objectives is to enforce the law in an impartial manner.

Court administration

The administrator’s name is Rhonda Bot and the number of her office is 320-632-0327

Her office address is 213 1st Avenue Southeast Little Falls, MN 56345

Morrison County is part of the 7th judicial district and the administrator is Timothy Ostby. The Minnesota Judicial Branch employees are not able to provide legal advice, comment about court rulings, or interpret the law.  You need to consult a lawyer or call an organization to be referred to a lawyer.  

You can pay online by visiting or by phone by calling 1-800-657-3611 or 651-281-3219

County jail

213 1st Avenue SE, Little Falls, MN 56345

Phone number is 320-632-2673

If you want to visit an inmate, just give your name and valid photo to the county jail to be allowed. You can also send mail to an inmate by sending it to the address given above.

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phone (320) 632-6261

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Morrison County Sheriff Address
213 SE First Ave. Little Falls, MN 56345


Phone: 320-632-9233

Morrison County Sheriff Office
Morrison County Sheriff Office4 hours ago
Throwback Thursday!

Photo of Sheriff John Stack and his older brother Gerald. This photo was dated October 1965, shorlty before Sheriff Stack was killed in the line of duty. In the background is Sheriff Stack's squad car.
Morrison County Sheriff Office
Morrison County Sheriff Office2 days ago
Today 4 year old Brody Soltis came to the Sheriff's Office to pay our staff a visit. Brody said that when he grows up he wants to be a Peace Officer. I think he will make a great law enforcement officer some day!
Morrison County Sheriff Office
Morrison County Sheriff Office added 2 new photos.3 days ago
A Morrison County Deputy initiated a P.I.T. Maneuver (Pursuit Intervention Tactic) that ultimately put the suspect vehicle out of commission. The suspect was then apprehended and placed in custody. The suspect vehicle later started on fire and the Little Falls Fire Department was dispatched to the scene, on Hwy 10 south of Little Falls, to extinguish the fire. For more information refer to Waite Park Police Department’s media release.
Morrison County Sheriff Office
Morrison County Sheriff Office added 5 new photos.3 days ago
Check out our new squad car graphics! The new design will go on all of our squad cars in the future!
Morrison County Sheriff Office
Morrison County Sheriff Office3 days ago
The Morrison County Sheriff's Office, along with multiple agencies, assisted with a pursuit that ended in Morrison County. This was a collaborative effort by all agencies involved which resulted in a successful apprehension. We are thankful that all of our law enforcement officers and citizens impacted remained safe. We ask that justice be served for the suspect that put everyone in harm's way. An official press release was issued by Sherburne County Sheriff's Office.