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Morrison County

The county had a population of 33,198 based on what the 2010 census gathered. The county is called Little Falls. The total area of Morrison County is 1,153 square miles. The county office is responsible for the safety and protection of the citizens living in the area it covers. This is why they are handling several departments that do their part in making sure that crime remains low in the county. These departments are attorney, court administration, community corrections, sheriff, and administration.

What the sheriff’s office does

The sheriff’s name is Shawn Larsen and you can call his office by dialing 320-632-9233 or you can send an e-mail to

The address of his office is 213 1st Avenue SE Little Falls, MN 56345

The sheriff’s office is responsible for criminal investigation, law enforcement services, emergency management, patrol, and other services that provide safety and protection to citizens of the county. one of this objectives is to enforce the law in an impartial manner.

Court administration

The administrator’s name is Rhonda Bot and the number of her office is 320-632-0327

Her office address is 213 1st Avenue Southeast Little Falls, MN 56345

Morrison County is part of the 7th judicial district and the administrator is Timothy Ostby. The Minnesota Judicial Branch employees are not able to provide legal advice, comment about court rulings, or interpret the law.  You need to consult a lawyer or call an organization to be referred to a lawyer.  

You can pay online by visiting or by phone by calling 1-800-657-3611 or 651-281-3219

County jail

213 1st Avenue SE, Little Falls, MN 56345

Phone number is 320-632-2673

If you want to visit an inmate, just give your name and valid photo to the county jail to be allowed. You can also send mail to an inmate by sending it to the address given above.

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phone (320) 632-6261

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Morrison County Sheriff Address
213 SE First Ave. Little Falls, MN 56345


Phone: 320-632-9233

Morrison County Sheriff Office
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The Morrison County Sheriff's Office offers the Project Lifesaver program for adults and children with the propensity to wander due to a cognitive condition. Here are photos of Deputy Yoder interacting with two of his clients! Deputy Yoder checks in monthly and changes the battery and provides a fresh arm band. If anyone has a child or an adult that wanders, please contact the Sheriff's Office at 320-632-9233 and ask to speak with Deputy Yoder.
Morrison County Sheriff Office
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We spent some time today at the Senior Center in Little Falls talking about Opioids and Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention. Present at the meeting and leading the dicussion was CHI Foundation Director Kathy Lange, Drug Free Communities Grant Project Coordinator Sheila Watercott, Little Falls Police Captain Kyle Johnson, Morrison County Chief Deputy Jason Worlie and Morrison County Sheriff Shawn Larsen. We had some good discussions and participation!
Morrison County Sheriff Office
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Today members of the Sheriff's Office performed some cold weather water rescue training. Deputy Axel Lange was one of the deputies who took part in the training. The Sheriff's Office takes all training seriously and we stand ready in case we get the call for assistance. Be smart and use common sense this winter if you choose to venture onto the ice!
Morrison County Sheriff Office
Morrison County Sheriff Office7 days ago
Text-to-911 service is now available in Minnesota. Text-to-911 is an alternative option to calling 911 in an emergency. Texting should ONLY be used when individuals are unable to make a voice call. Individuals who are deaf, deafblind, hard of hearing or speech impaired may use Text-to-911 as a first contact option.
Remember: "Call if you can, text if you can't."

How to Text to 911:

•Enter the number 911 in the “To” field
•Text message should include your location and type of emergency
•Send the message
•Be ready to answer questions and follow instructions
•Use simple words
•Do not use abbreviations, emojis, pictures or slang
•Do not text and drive