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This county had a total population of 36,651 back in 2010 according to what the census recorded and the county seat is called Glencoe. The county comprises the Hutchinson, MN Metropolitan Statistical Area and it is part of the Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN-WI Combined Statistical Area. The total area of the county is 506 square miles. The county office in this place maintains a number of departments that do their job well in keeping everything safe and peaceful. The departments responsible for this are crime prevention, emergency management, civil process, warrant search, and code red.

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Who is the Sheriff?

His name is Scott Rehmann and he is the 26th Sheriff of the county. The address of this office is 801 East 10th Street Glencoe, MN 55336

Phone number: 888-440-3134

The sheriff is responsible for the common and statutory law in keeping and preserving peace in the county. Aside from that, the Sheriff is an officer of the district court and takes charge of the county jail. If you witnessed a crime and have enough information about it, you can leave a tip by contacting their website or calling the Sheriff’s Office.

Court administration

Court administrator is Karen V. Messner

The contact number of her office is 320-864-1281

Mailing address: 830 11th Street East Glencoe, MN 55336

The court administrators are also court managers who are responsible for personnel management, court financing and budgeting, purchase of equipment, maintenance of records, research and planning, case management, and jury system administration.

You can pay fines by calling 651-281-3219 or 800-657-3611

County Jail

801 east 10th Street Glencoe, MN 55336

Phone number: 320-864-5191

If you want to send mail to an inmate, your only option is the US Postal Service and if you want to visit someone, submit your information and valid photo to be allowed.

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McLeod County Sheriff Address
801 E. 10th St. Glencoe, MN  55336-2215


Phone: 320-864-3134