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Jackson County

It is a county that had a population of 10,266 in 2010 according to what the census recorded. The county is called Jackson and the county got its name from Henry Jackson who was the first merchant in St. Paul. The county has a total area of 719 square miles. The County Office takes care of several departments that work hard to keep everything safe in the county and citizens will feel secure. These divisions are attorney, court administration, emergency management, court services, and Sheriff.

The County Sheriff

The name of the Sheriff is Roger Hawkinson and the office address is 400 Sherman Street, P.O. Box 229 Jackson, MN 56143.

Phone number: 507-847-4420

Fax number: 507-847-4308

E-mail address:

The office has several divisions that provide a 24-hour service for 365 days throughout the entire county and the residents of Okabena, Jackson, Alpha, Wilder, and Bergen. Their Sheriff’s Office services are felon apprehension, crime and accident investigation, missing person search, county road patrol, and public safety. They also have K-9 Units that are part of a jurisdictional H.E.A.T. (High Risk Entry and Arrest Team).

Court administration

The court administrator is Connie Belgard and her office address is Courthouse 405 Fourth Street Jackson, MN 56143

Phone number: 507-847-4400

Fax number: 507-847-5433

The district court holds original jurisdiction for the family, civil, juvenile, probate, traffic, and criminal cases filed in the County. The Jackson County District Court is under the 5th Judicial District.

Jackson County Jail

400 Sherman Street Jackson, MN 56143

Number to call is 507-847-4420

Administrator: Gary Reif

E-mail address:

Inmate inquiry

You need to have the full name, ID number and date of birth to make searching faster either going to the jail in person or going online.

If you have an emergency, dial 911 or contact the Sheriff’s Office if you want to leave a tip.

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Jackson County Sheriff Address
400 Sherman Street Jackson, MN  56143


Phone: 507-847-4420