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The county had a population of 20,428 in 2010 based on the census records. The county seat is called Park Rapids and the county was named after Lucius Frederick Hubbard, who was the 9th Governor of Minnesota. The total area of the county is 1,000 square miles, and in the county office there are departments that are responsible for handling each task that is needed to maintain harmony and citizens will feel safe. These departments are patrol, probation, correction, law enforcement, and district court. They have an emergency notification system and the number is 218-732-3331 or 888-732-3332 (Toll Free).

About the Sheriff

The name of the Sheriff is Cory Aukes and the number to call is 218-732-3331 or send an e-mail to

The main concern of the Sheriff’s office is the safety and security of every person in the County. The operation is 24 hours every day. The office has many services that include apprehension of criminals, incident and crime investigation, missing person search and rescue, county patrol, and traffic control.

District court administration

The court administrator is Camille Bessler and if you wish to contact her, just call 218-732-5286 and the fax number is 218-732-0137. The address of her office is at 301 Court Avenue Park Rapids, MN 56470

The court is responsible for holding jurisdiction in every family, civil, probate, criminal, traffic cases, and criminal files in the County.

Hubbard county jail

301 Court Avenue Park Rapids, MN 56470

Phone number: 218-732-2514

If you are aware of an outstanding warrant for your arrest, the court records can be accessed on their website or you can choose to call the court directly. You need to give a full name, or personally ask the officer in charge of the jail. Remember that if there is a warrant for you, they will immediately take you into custody.

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Hubbard County Sheriff Address
305 Court Ave. Park Rapids, MN  56470


Phone: 218-732-3331

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Hubbard Co. Sheriffs Office & Emergency Management

The Sheriff’s Office of Hubbard County is part of the county’s system of justice. The Sheriff is charged with the duty to "keep and preserve the peace of his County, for which purpose he may call to his aid such persons or power of the County as is necessary." The Sheriff’s Office' primary concern is the safety and well being of all persons and property in Hubbard County. It operates on a 24 hour per day, 365 days per year basis. This office provides many services, including the pursuit and apprehension of persons who have committed felonies, investigation of crimes and accidents, searching for missing persons, patrolling county roads and lakes, and providing traffic control. This office also serves warrants, commitment papers and court orders. The Sheriff is the chief law enforcement authority in the county. This is an elected position. His office is located at the Law Enforcement Center, just to the north of the Courthouse which houses the Sheriff’s Office and the Hubbard County Jail.. Services and Responsibilities: · Provide full range of law enforcement services for all unincorporated areas of Hubbard County. · Provide Traffic Law Enforcement – respond to calls for service, investigate motor vehicle accidents, and provide traffic enforcement. · Enforce boating regulations throughout the county and investigate drowning incidents in the county. · Provide crime prevention and education services to the general public. · Investigate all violent and mysterious deaths and assist the County Coroner in determining the cause of death. · Provide investigative services and preparation for prosecution by the County Attorney for all crimes including the specialty areas of juvenile issues, illegal narcotics, substance trafficking, and welfare fraud. · Service of Civil Process including Sheriff’s sales, special orders from the court, and all arrest warrants emanating from the court system. · Work child abuse investigations jointly and separately with Hubbard County Social Services. · Answer all emergency and non-emergency requests for police, fire and ambulance services in Hubbard County and dispatching all emergency response units in the county. · Provide security in the courtrooms and adjacent areas. · Provide transportation for committed patients and prisoners. · Administration and operation of the county jail. · Provide mutual aid for all other law enforcement agencies in the county and surrounding areas. · Operate and maintain computer connection to the state and federal government’s computer system, furnishing to the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension statistics and information regarding the number of crimes reported and discovered, arrests made, and disposition of cases to the many State and Federal agencies requiring this information. The Sheriff’s Office consists of three major branches:Administration, Patrol, and Communications/Corrections. Hubbard County Emergency Management is responsible for coordinating and implementing emergency plans involving biological, chemical, nuclear/radiological and natural threats, disasters and crisis situations. Our department liaisons with and coordinates activities of the various emergency service volunteers including Hubbard County Mounted Posse, Hubbard 1st Response, Nevis 1st Response, Akeley 1st Response, Lakeport 1st Response, Lake George 1st Response, Park Rapids, Nevis, Akeley, Lake Port, Lake George Fire Departments, along with numerous other private and government agencies. We work with city, county, local, regional and state organizations as well as public, private and non-profit entities to ensure the safety and security of all citizens and the availability of emergency resources for all.
Hubbard Co. Sheriffs Office & Emergency Management
Hubbard Co. Sheriffs Office & Emergency Management added 4 new photos.1 day ago
The HCSO & EM is searching for the owner of this found male, black colored dog in the area between Laporte & Benedict. The dog is very friendly, will listen to commands, and appears to be trained for hunting. He is all black with a gray/white chest, feet, and tail tip. No tags or collar. If you recognize him please contact the owner & our office at 218.732.3331 so the dog can be returned.
Hubbard Co. Sheriffs Office & Emergency Management
Hubbard Co. Sheriffs Office & Emergency Management3 weeks ago
The HCSO & EM wants to thanks everyone who attended, assisted, donated, & coordinated with yesterdays Mock Car Crash at the Park Rapids High School. Lakeland News was present & aired a news brief about the Mock Crash. It can be viewed here.
Hubbard Co. Sheriffs Office & Emergency Management
Hubbard Co. Sheriffs Office & Emergency Management
Hubbard Co. Sheriffs Office & Emergency Management4 weeks ago
On Thursday, April 26th at 1230 pm, the HCSO & EM will be performing a Mock Car Crash at the Park Rapids Area High School. This activity is a planned drill.

We want to inform everyone there will be a lot of emergency vehicle traffic & an AirCare helicopter flying low near the school. The activity you may see & hear is normal for the drill. If a ‘real world’ emergency occurs at the school we will update our page. Mock drills like this one allow the students to observe what occurs during a motor vehicle accident & allows our responders to practice their skills with their equipment.
Hubbard Co. Sheriffs Office & Emergency Management
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The HCSO has located a lost dog in Helga Twp. Please contact Deputy Rypkema at 218-732-3331 & let us know if the dog is yours or if you know who the rightful owner is. Please help us spread the word.
Hubbard Co. Sheriffs Office & Emergency Management
Hubbard Co. Sheriffs Office & Emergency Management1 month ago
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