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It is a rural county that had a population of 8,695 based on what the census recorded in 2010. The county seat is Bagley and Lake Itasca is found in this county, which is the Mississippi River’s source. There are portions of Red Lake and White Earth Indian reservations that extend up to the county. In the county, there are divisions that are being handled by the Sheriff’s Office to help protect their quality of life. The divisions that help prevent crime and chaos are emergency management, Sheriff’s Office, probation, court administrator, and attorney.

The County Sheriff is Darin Halverson and contact number of his office is 218-694-6226 or send an e-mail to

The Sheriff’s Office is focused on giving protection and providing service. They work together with the community by giving professional enforcement of state, federal, and local laws. It the Sheriff Office’s responsibility to provide public service and professional field patrol. They also provide crime investigation, bailiffs, 911 officers, criminal investigators, and correction officers.

Clearwater County Court Administration

Administrator is Camille Bessler and the office address is 213 Main Avenue #303 Bagley, MN 56621

Phone number: 218-694-6177

Fax number: 218-694-6213

Clearwater County Jail

213 Main Ave. N. Dept. 102 Bagley, MN 56621

Phone number: 218-694-6226

Inquire about an inmate

You need to have their full name, date of birth, and ID number. You can check online or go to the jail personally. If you know someone who committed DUI, drug crimes, kidnapping, sex offenses, violence, and property crimes, feel free to report them. You can also leave a tip by contacting the Sheriff’s Office or sending an e-mail.

Dial 911 for emergency

Use the information given to do your part in preventing crime in the county and in helping maintain the peace and order in the area.

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Clearwater County Sheriff Address
213 Main Ave. No. Bagley, MN  56621


Phone:(218) 1694-6226