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Found in Northwestern Minnesota, Clay County had a population of 58,999 as recorded by the 2010 census. The county seat is Moorhead and the name of the county was given to honor Henry Clay, who was an American Statesman. The county’s total area is 1,053 square miles. Its first formation was in 1862 and got organized in 1872. The original name was Breckenridge County, but the name was changed to Clay County in 1862.

The County’s Sheriff’s Office has several divisions which are the administration, investigations, management of emergencies, patrol, jail and annex, and support services.

County Sheriff

The County Sheriff is Bill Bergquist and he can be reached by contacting this number: 218-299-5155

Bill Bergquist’s duty is to keep the high level of service in the county while making everything for the Sheriff’s Office cost effective; to give support to the present involvement with the Federal Drug Task Force and provide support to the Gang Task Force. The Sheriff’s Office is also responsible for providing assistance to education and start crime prevention programs for every resident in Clay County.

Sheriff’s Office address: 915 9th Avenue, N. Moorhead, MN 56560

Fax number: 218-299-5228

Court Administration

The administrator is Shelly Jeffers and the office address is Clay County Courthouse 807 11th St, N. 1st Floor Moorhead, MN 56560

Contact number is 218-299-5065- Fax number is 218-299-7307

The responsibilities of the court administration are to keep records and manage cases for all district courts in the county. The coverage of the cases are civil, family, juvenile, probate, criminal, and conciliation cases in the court.

Clay county jail

Administrator is Julie Savat

Contact number: 218-299-5163

Annex:  218-299-7348

Fax: 218-299-7696

Address: 915 9th Ave. N. Moorhead, MN 56560

These are the information needed to report a crime or call 911 to report an emergency.

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Clay County Sheriff Address
915 9th Ave. N. Moorhead, MN  56560


Phone:(218) 299-5151

Clay County Sheriff's Office

The Clay County Sheriff's Office provides policing services to 30 townships and 6 incorporated cities covering 1,053 square miles.
Clay County Sheriff's Office
Clay County Sheriff's Office9 hours ago
Please allow extra time on your commute today as some of the roads are snow covered and a bit slick. Travel safe!
Clay County Sheriff's Office
Clay County Sheriff's Office4 days ago
The Clay County Sheriff's Office and the Moorhead Police Department are still receiving calls related to an individual claiming to be Lt. Chad Hagen of the Clay County Sheriff's Office. THIS IS A SCAM!! The two numbers now associated with this scam are coming from 218-321-1413 and 218-303-5003. Just hang up!
As tax time approaches, please be aware other scams which will pop up trying to get you to part ways with your money or tax refunds. These scams usually involve an individual claiming to be from the IRS. Please stay vigilant and protect yourself from being a victim to these scammers! Be safe!
Clay County Sheriff's Office
Clay County Sheriff's Office1 week ago
***********SCAM ALERT UPDATE*************
The Clay County Sheriff's Office now knows what the imposter is doing on this scam. The scammer is informing the victim he/she missed jury duty and they need to pay the fines. They are told to go to Walgreens or Casey's to buy "Money Pak" prepaid cards to in amount the determined by the scammer. They are then instructed to buy the card, relay the card number to the scammer then come to the Sheriff's Office. THIS IS A SCAM AND THE SHERIFF'S OFFICE WILL NOT EVER ASK FOR OR DEMAND MONEY!!!!! Please see the original post below.

The Clay County Sheriff's Office received information of an imposter using Lt. Chad Hagen's name. This imposter is calling from 218-321-1413 and informing people of civil papers. The Clay County Sheriff's Civil Division may call you regarding paper service but will never ask for money. If you receive a call from one of our deputies or are suspicious of any calls you receive regarding civil process, please feel free to call our office at 218-299-5151. Thank you and be safe.
Clay County Sheriff's Office
Clay County Sheriff's Office1 week ago
At the County Board on Tuesday, Deputy Mike Trygg was presented with his 15 years of service award and a lifesaving award.

Deputy Trygg assisted the Hawley Police Department and Hawley HERT on medical call, when the young lady they were speaking with lost consciousness and stopped breathing. Deputy Trygg and Hawley HERT members immediately began CPR and after about five minutes, the female began breathing on her own. FM Ambulance arrived on scene and began treating the young lady as well. The mother of the victim later approached Deputy Trygg and gave him a tear filled hug and thanked him for saving her daughter's life.

Deputy Trygg was nominated for this award by Sgt. Josh Schroeder.

Deputy Trygg has been with the Sheriff's Office for 15 years and will be retiring on February 22, 2018. Deputy Trygg worked for the Moorhead Police Department prior to joining the Sheriff's Office. He has been a training deputy for our department as well as our crime prevention deputy. Deputy Trygg has represented the Sheriff's Office very well over the years and we wish him the best in retirement.

Congratulations to Deputy Trygg on his lifesaving award and his upcoming retirement. Best of luck to you Mike, you will be missed by our department and by the citizens of Clay County.

(Photo L to R: Sgt. Josh Schroeder, Deputy Mike Trygg and Sgt. Darin Bredman)
Clay County Sheriff's Office
Clay County Sheriff's Office3 weeks ago
Deputy Reno traveled to Minneapolis this week to assist the Minnesota Special Olympics host a "Super Bowl Polar Plunge." They had over 600 people take the dive into the fridged waters and raised over $200,000 for the Special Olympics.

Good job Deputy Reno!!
Clay County Sheriff's Office
Clay County Sheriff's Office3 weeks ago
Deputies Ryan Carey and Dave Johnson are playing in the Cops vs. Kids hockey game tonight. Here is a picture of both of them in the penalty box; their penalty, too many deputies on the ice!!! Everyone looks to be having fun.