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This county that has a county seat named Center City had a population of 53,887 based on the census of 2010. The Chisago County is part of the Minneapolis-St. Paul Bloomington, MN – WI Metropolitan Statistical Area. The organization of Chisago County happened in 1851 and the total area is 442 square miles.

There are several departments in the Chisago County, and the ones for crime protection and prevention are civil process, corrections, court Security division, K-9 division, and investigations division.

The County Sheriff is Rick Duncan and he can be reached by calling 651-213-6300 or sending a fax to 651-213-6341. The office address is 313 N. Main St. Room 100 Center City, MN 55012

The emergency communication center’s number is 651-257-4100.

Responsibility of the Sheriff’s Office

They provide law enforcement services for the citizens of Chisago County and has contracted police services to Center City cities, Harris, Rush City, Stacy and Taylor Falls, and Shafer. The three independent police departments in Chisago County area are Lakes Area Police Department, Wyoming Police Department and North Branch Police Department.

Chisago County Court Administrator

The court administrator is Kathleen E. Karnowski since October 1992. The Court Administration is the agency that is responsible for the interacting with the public to associate with the legal system.

Contact number of court administrator is 651-213-8650 and the address is 313 N. Main St. Room 358 Center City, MN 55012

The duties of the court administrator are to handle court finances, manage cases, manage the jury, and records.

Chisago County Jail

Phone number is 651-257-2931

Address is 111 N. Main St. Center City, MN 55012

Jail Administrator is Tracy Armistead

In case of emergency, call 911 or contact the Sheriff’s Office to report a crime. You can also leave an anonymous tip through the website or phone.

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Chisago County Sheriff Address
313 N. Main St. Center City, MN  55012

Phone:(612) 257-7103

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We are assisting @NBPoliceDept with a crash that occurred in their city. They will be sending out a press release tonight.
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@TwistedConcept @wwozzydo @wyomingpd Still an active scene and no updates.
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@jockowillink My wife got me this for our anniversary.Cant wait to read & apply it #getafterit #diciplineequalsfreedom #out #good #goodreads ChisagoCountySO photo
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@kalakri It was nice of him to give us a plug when we were first starting.

Chisago County Sheriff's Office

The Chisago County Sheriff's Office serves a growing population of over 50,000 permanent residents as well as a large population of cabin owners and tourists during peak season. Chisago County is 444 square miles, 419 of which is land. It is bisected by US I-35 and is approximately 40 miles north of the twin cities, making it an ideal commuter distance for people who work in the metro area, but wish to live in a rural community.
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The Citizens Academy is almost complete for this year. Last night, the participants were hosted by North Branch Police Department where the focus was on crime scene investigations. The participants were able to learn how to dust for fingerprints, examine a crime scene, search a vehicle and more!
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Today Tweets From The Street is 3 years old. We started this on our Twitter page as a way to bring people into a better understanding of what cops deal with and as a way to connect with our community. It has been more successful than we could have hoped for, and we are so appreciative of our communities support for us.

Law enforcement is one of the most highly visible, yet least understood professions. That’s why we are here. We want you to know what we’re up to, and get to know you better. Thanks for following us!
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This sweet kitty was turned over to a Deputy in the Buffalo Ridge subdivision of Shafer. If you know who it belongs to please contact the Linstrom Animal Medical Center at 651.257.5052
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Here's a roundup of our Tweets From The Street last Saturday. Check us out on Twitter @ChisagoCountySO and follow us live every other Saturday for a virtual ride along.

0629: We've got a rainy Tweets From The Street on tap today. Follow along with us for the next 24 hours to see what happens!

0736: A traffic stop for speed resulted in a friendly discussion how to avoid future similar interactions.

0851: Traffic stop for speed resulted in the driver being educated about the increased chances of injury/death in relation to crashes. Verbal warning issued.
0907: Vehicle lockout in Rush City. The call where everyone loves us.
0920: I've found many abandoned tube TVs. Please recycle appropriately or ask around for a gamer. Gotta play Duck Hunt & Lethal Enforcers on something!

1047: Traffic stop: Speed/no front plate resulted in speed citation arrest for suspended license based on driver's less than responsible history.

1047: Vandalism. Donation box damaged at the Lions Park in Taylor's Falls.

1102: Complaint of an employee taking money belonging to a fellow co-worker.

1210: Report of a rolling domestic between two sisters. Attempting to locate…Rolling domestic called in from a vehicle. The vehicle was gone when the deputy arrived on scene.

1228: The MaxxPro was out at the Almelund Fire Department’s open house. We explained to many people the reasons we need it, how we got it, and what we use it for. Great to visit with everyone!

1451: Multiple complaints on vehicle all over road. It was located and driver was cited for unsafe lane use. Sleep deprivation can be just as deadly.

1533: Harassment. Comp receiving text messages asking for sex from a changing phone number via an app.

1534: Power shift so far: check on duty, start driving, first car I see driving is 72 in a 45. Driver issued a court coupon.

1639: Assisting investigations with obtaining updated information and new photos for POR (predatory offender registration).

1715: Multiple 911 hang-ups at a house. Arrived and found it to be a boy sitting on the phone- accidental.

1748: Assist to North Branch Police Department on a driver who struck a tree.

1803: That’s it for day crew! Handing it off to night shift.

1908: Civil paper service for inmate at the Rush City Prison.

1922: Assisting the State Patrol with a crash on HWY 8. No injuries reported.

2222: Traffic stop for following too closely. Poor choices only made worse by poor driving conditions.

2225: Report of a male at a group home who had assaulted a female employee. Employee was hiding and awaiting deputies to arrive. Deputies located the suspect and arrested him for criminal sexual conduct.

2325: Assisted a neighboring agency with recovering a stolen iPhone. The original agency will determine charges as the story does not add up.

2341: Deputies responding to a medical. Female fell and was unconscious. CPR in progress. Victim did regain consciousness and was transported to the hospital.

0110: Traffic stop for no front plate. Field sobriety conducted in the rain. No DWI and 1 soaked deputy.

0114: Lift assist. Female fell and needed help getting up.

0158: Female not breathing in Rush City. CPR and life saving measure were done, but were unable to resuscitate her.

0311: Assisted North Branch PD with a suspicious person call. Two people showed up at a house where they weren’t wanted. They were intoxicated.

0459: Deputy heard an explosion in the Kwik Trip parking lot in Stacy. A radiator hose blew on a vehicle. Upon investigating, the deputy found the driver to be quite impaired. PBT was .18. He was arrested for DWI.

0600: Thanks for following along on Tweets From The Street! TFTS is now 3 years old. We started it on October 18th, 2014. Thanks to all our followers- old and new.
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A note from your friendly dispatchers:

Old and retired cell phones are a fun toy for our children. However, most people don’t realize that with a battery in the cell phone, any button the child pushes could be making a call to your local 911 center! We get many of these call, but we can’t call back to make sure everything is okay, because a number doesn't exist to call back.

We will try to talk to your child and ask them if we can talk to their mommy or daddy. Sometimes we get to talk to a parent, but many times not. Many times we can’t even locate where the phone is.

Some people are aware of this and know they can use it only to call 911 if they are in an emergency situation. When these calls come in to our center but no one is on the other line, we don’t know if or what the emergency might be. We have to go through a process to try to get a close location of where the cell phone is. We than send a deputy or officer to the home to check to make sure everyone is okay.

Our process is not always accurate and we aren't able to locate where the call is coming from. In that case we only hope they aren’t in a crisis. Please remove cell phone batteries before giving them to children
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Cop-Ed #15: Help Us Help You!