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This county that has a county seat named Center City had a population of 53,887 based on the census of 2010. The Chisago County is part of the Minneapolis-St. Paul Bloomington, MN – WI Metropolitan Statistical Area. The organization of Chisago County happened in 1851 and the total area is 442 square miles.

There are several departments in the Chisago County, and the ones for crime protection and prevention are civil process, corrections, court Security division, K-9 division, and investigations division.

The County Sheriff is Rick Duncan and he can be reached by calling 651-213-6300 or sending a fax to 651-213-6341. The office address is 313 N. Main St. Room 100 Center City, MN 55012

The emergency communication center’s number is 651-257-4100.

Responsibility of the Sheriff’s Office

They provide law enforcement services for the citizens of Chisago County and has contracted police services to Center City cities, Harris, Rush City, Stacy and Taylor Falls, and Shafer. The three independent police departments in Chisago County area are Lakes Area Police Department, Wyoming Police Department and North Branch Police Department.

Chisago County Court Administrator

The court administrator is Kathleen E. Karnowski since October 1992. The Court Administration is the agency that is responsible for the interacting with the public to associate with the legal system.

Contact number of court administrator is 651-213-8650 and the address is 313 N. Main St. Room 358 Center City, MN 55012

The duties of the court administrator are to handle court finances, manage cases, manage the jury, and records.

Chisago County Jail

Phone number is 651-257-2931

Address is 111 N. Main St. Center City, MN 55012

Jail Administrator is Tracy Armistead

In case of emergency, call 911 or contact the Sheriff’s Office to report a crime. You can also leave an anonymous tip through the website or phone.

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Chisago County Sheriff Address
313 N. Main St. Center City, MN  55012

Phone:(612) 257-7103

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I stopped into dispatch and noticed this chair had bite marks on it. Dispatching is a stressful job. ChisagoCountySO photo
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It only took me 9 attempts to get that video right yesterday. I'm sure @wyomingpd would love to get a hold of this footage for all sorts of fun reasons. -KP ChisagoCountySO photo
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@todddavid81 Glad we could make your day.
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Congratulations to @kjj1969 @SarahClark2009 and @todddavid81. You won the CCSO patch giveaway! DM us your address and we will mail you a patch.

Chisago County Sheriff's Office

The Chisago County Sheriff's Office serves a growing population of over 50,000 permanent residents as well as a large population of cabin owners and tourists during peak season. Chisago County is 444 square miles, 419 of which is land. It is bisected by US I-35 and is approximately 40 miles north of the twin cities, making it an ideal commuter distance for people who work in the metro area, but wish to live in a rural community.
Chisago County Sheriff's Office
Chisago County Sheriff's Office11 hours ago
0750: Day shift starting the day with some pre-workout drinks. Some choose caffeine. Others choose Cellucor C4Ripped. We let the guy that drinks the C4 kick the doors in.

0907: Stationary radar near Wild Mountain in an attempt to keep the need for speed on the slopes and not on the roads.

0943: Motion alarm at an iconic church in Center City. Who remembers what movie put that building on the silver screen?

0947: Felony warrant attempt at a residence. Suspect was not there.

1030: Second attempt on the felony warrant at another house. The suspect’s vehicle was found in the driveway, and noises were heard in the garage. No one contact was made after knocking on the door, phone calls and text messages to the suspect, and announcements over the PA. A search warrant was obtained by a judge and due to the suspect’s criminal history and the SWAT Team was activated to serve the warrant. Prior to SWAT’s arrival the suspect walked out of the house and was taken into custody by deputies on scene.

1017: Fire in the trees in Chisago Lakes Township. Fire in route.

1425: Customer wrote bad checks and had bought a gas card with it is now attempting to write more bad checks.

1543: Animal neglect complaint. Dog was hit by a truck and allegations are owner didn't provide adequate care. A deputy will begin investigating.

1616: No pay on gas in Taylor's Falls.

1708: Removed a large hay bale off the road on Highway 95. Remember to secure your loads so they don’t end up in someone’s front bumper.

1747: Report of juveniles driving off Chisago Lake and speeding in a truck. Deputy checking the area looking for the vehicle. Deputy located vehicle and juveniles. Three juveniles were driving. Their joyride was grounded to a halt after they put the truck in a ditch. All cited for driving without a license and released to parents.

1800: Welcome to night shift. Going to be a fun ride tonight.

1948: Alarm. Deputies responded to an alarm at a house where we have had previous burglary problems. Deputies arrived and found everything secure. False alarm.

1949: Abandoned vehicle. Deputy responded to a report of an abandoned vehicle that has been there 4 hours. Phone contact was made with the vehicle owner who was arranging a tow because the vehicle had broken down.

1951: Domestic assault. Deputies responding to a domestic where an intoxicated boyfriend is allegedly beating up his girlfriend.

2114: Traffic stop for one headlight not working. Verbal warning issued.

2118: Night shift is brought to you tonight by gummy bears and MonsterEnergy drinks.

2149: 911 Open line. Deputies responding to an open 911 call where dispatch could hear arguing in the background. Deputies located a male and a female who were arguing and it was determined no crime was committed. Parties were separated for the night.

2246: Traffic stop for suspended object. Driver had object hanging from the rearview mirror which would obstructed his vision. Verbal warning issued and object removed.

2303: Traffic stop for headlight out. Verbal warning.

2304: Traffic stop for displaying expired registration. Was discovered the driver does have the current registration but did not properly display it on the vehicle. Verbal warning issued.

2319: Traffic stop for no working license plate lights. Verbal warning issued.

0147: Located two individuals doing the no-pants dance off. It is 9° outside! Wouldn't it be smarter to be putting the clothes on, not off?

0158: Traffic stop for speeding. Driver admitted he was not aware of how fast he had been driving. Verbal warning.

0218: Traffic stop for speeding on I-35. Driver said she was speeding to go around a semi.... on a road with two lanes in the same direction. Driver was informed this wasn't necessary. Verbal warning issued.

0249: Possible drunk driver. Nephew calling advising his uncle is trying to leave in a vehicle and is drunk. Nice job to him for stepping up and trying to stop someone from getting hurt or killed!

0302: Vehicle stopped for speeding. Vehicle searched based off odor of marijuana. The female driver was ultimately given 3 verbal warnings and a citation for possession of marijuana.

0524: Traffic stop on suspicious vehicle resulted in the driver's arrest for DWI. Driver was almost three times the legal limit.

0613: That's it for Tweets From The Street. Hope you enjoyed following along. Out.
Chisago County Sheriff's Office
Chisago County Sheriff's Office1 day ago
This morning the Minnesota State Patrol responded to 119 crashes on the roadways. We'd like to share with you two amazing advances in technology that come standard on your vehicle and will help keep you safe on the roads. We think you'll like them!
Chisago County Sheriff's Office
Chisago County Sheriff's Office
Chisago County Sheriff's Office2 days ago
We took a call of a barricaded, meth-smoking, knife-wielding, Taser-carrying male in a bathroom.

Turns out he was not in the bathroom, not smoking meth, and had no weapons on him.

Cops get dealt bad information in rapidly developing circumstances with little time to make decisions.
Chisago County Sheriff's Office
Chisago County Sheriff's Office published a note.2 days ago
Cop-Ed #19: Littering And...Going to Jail
Chisago County Sheriff's Office
Chisago County Sheriff's Office3 days ago
Tweets From The Street is going now through 6AM tomorrow morning. Follow along to see what is happening in your county, or catch the round-up of tweets on Tuesday right here.
Chisago County Sheriff's Office
Chisago County Sheriff's Office4 days ago
As a father of 4 of kids who watch their dad leave for work everyday wearing a gun, I've had to have some challenging conversations with them about what I do. After a tragedy like what we saw in Florida, parents may be faced with some difficult conversations and left with questions on how to explain this to their children.

I would recommend reading them a book called Sheepdogs: Meet Our Nation's Warriors. This book was written by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman and Stephanie Rogish. While it won't give you a step-by-step guide on how to talk to your kids about school shootings, it will give you words, phrases and categories that will help them understand these things in a more helpful way.

There's no formula for how to have these conversations. Each child is different, and you as a parent know them better than anyone. This book may be a good resource to help you navigate that conversation. I read it to my son's first grade class to help them begin thinking about these things.

Sgt. Kyle Puelston